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Pest Control - Pest Control Questions
1.20 Are there professional-grade products for pest control which are as effective as hiring a company?

Q. The only pests we have seen are spiders, and occasionally inside the house. I have seen things at Lowe's, but are they effective? Can they be sprayed inside and outside? What is a good price for hiring someone to do pest control?

A. Chances are that there are many effective products out there... In fact, many people don't realize that what pest control companies often use are products available to the every day homeowner. I'm not an expert on spider control, but you would very likely find a suitable product by contacting a couple companies as if you were interested in hiring them and then asking them what they use. By contacting 2 or 3 companies you will probably find a product that both works and is available. As far as hiring a pest control company goes, you should just contact a few and get their quote for your situation. Usually competition provides an easily determined market price. Some helpful guidelines to be thinking about when hiring a pest control pro can be found in the source section.

1.20 I had repair work done on my home the contractor exposed yellow insulation 5 months in kitchen. Risks?

Q. We are dealing with a national pest control company that is notorious for shoddy contractors. I am very concerned about the exposed insulation where walls were left for 5 months, plus the fact the plastic curtain was removed and then they sanded drywall which filtered throughout my home. They have NEVER cleaned. They have agreed to pay for air/duct cleaning now, but I am very concerned about the insulation and exposure in the kitchen. HELP

A. Assuming * the yellow insulation is fiberglass * it was primarily undisturbed - minimal airborne fibers. Then, in R/L, the risk of health problems are prolly less than driving in traffic: However, should a lawyer describe this relatively benign situation in a civil suit, yall might as well be dead and buried... *L*

1.20 Did anyone else see this study about who's most likely to cheat on taxes?

Q. A study by a University of Chicago doctoral student Oscar Vela (and published by Time) , looked at the percent people misrepresented their income and then ranked them by profession. 1) Production Workers - bakers, butchers, factory workers, jewelers 2) Building and Ground Maintenance - cleaning staffs, janitors, landscapers, pest control workers 3) Transportation and Material Moving Operations - bus drivers, parking lot attendants, movers 4) Construction Trade - contractors, electricians, house painters 5) Install, Maintain and Repair - auto mechanics, home Appliance repairmen, locksmiths 6) Life, Physical and Social Sciences - chemists, economists, zoologists 7) Protective Services - crossing guards, firefighters, police, security guards 8 ) Personal Care - childcare workers, funeral attendants, manicurists 9) Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media - actors, editors, public relations specialists 10) Healthcare Support - dental assistants, home health aides, massage therapists Don't you think it's remarkable that the top five are ALL union dominated trades?

A. Funny with jobs like this they are not RICH either!!!!! Tax the RICH feed the poor...... Bullshit!

1.20 What are the similarities and differences between carpenter ants and termites?

Q. Do carpenter ants ever come out from behind walls? do they eat anything else besides wood?

A. Found out the hard way. Carpenter ants & termites cause considerable damage to wood. Termites nest & live in the wood they are eating. Carpenter ants nest outside the home & do not generally invade occupied spaces ( at least where you can see them). Would occaisonaly see one or 2 ants where they were coming in. Never saw termites running around , except when they have their wings but, saw some & the damage they were doing during some renovation. Pest control guy told me to pick them up w/ some clear tape so he could identify them & gave me what I needed since a professional whole house de- bugging would be $$$s . My home is block built so the infestation was limited. The garage was another story. The big black carpenter ants had nested in some firewood & had a ball on door framing. The little white grubby termites are harder to deal with. Had success ( I think) by dusting door threshholds w/ a powder I got from the pest control store & getting rid of the rotten firewood.. Best regards

1.20 How do you get rid of carpenter ants in the house?

Q. We have carpenter ants and pest control is not working. they put down ant bait over a week ago and the ants are still coming in as they were before the ant bait. we have a very clean home and food is stored properly. We wipe our counters down with clorox clean-up and they just show up somewhere else in the house like a clothes sloset or the laundry room. someone said that we should try equal sugar substitute and the aspartame kills them. does this work? and are there any other suggestions? The ants are relentless and i'm getting very frustrated

A. Believe it or not. The cooperative extention of the Univ. where the Master Gardeners answer questions recommend: Sweet n Low - (aspartane) Because it was originally formulated as an ant poison. They carry it to their nest and then eat it and die. P.S. I stopped using it for human consumption!

1.20 Help!!!!!!!!! drain flies?

Q. Hi everyone, need a bit of help. got a problem with my drains at the mo, keep blocking from time to time. now i am waiting on dyno rod to come out and do there bit on it in the next 2 weeks. but over the last 3-4 days i have been infested by drain flies (about 100 on the patio dorr today when i came home) i used some industrial drain cleaner to see if it made it better but guess i'll have to wait and see. once dyno rod have been will they go away????? or is it a job for pest control???

A. I would say pour bleach or vineagar down the drain and plug the drain tight. BUT..... You have been using drain cleaner you MUST be careful about mixing chemicals so be careful what you pour down the drain. But plugging the drains will help alot.

1.20 Tenant Security Deposit/Tenant right's?

Q. Please be patient this is a pretty detailed list of reasons and details following my move out. I recieved a notice to vacate in December due to my landlord wanting to move back into the residence to save money. My lease was up on Feb 2, 2011 but due to my landlord having surgery (implants)she asked if I moved out a week or two early she would pro-rate the rent. I surrendered my keys to her on January 26, 2011 which she would owe me for 5 days of rent which she said she would return to me with my security deposit. She then picked up the keys at my new residence only 4 houses down from my old one (the one she currently resides in). After several text messages and phone calls she failed to let me know about the deposit. I recieved a certified letter postmarked March 4, 2011 with a list of deductions from the deposit plus an additional 777.41 on top of that. Here is the list with some explanations. A/C coil/blower cleaning $350.00 She states due to dirty air filters. We changed them once a month and the outside unit went out 7/09 and she did not get the inside serviced she only had the outside unit installed with a used unit that cost her $300.00. Junk Hauling $200.00 This is due to a new privacy fence the neighbor put up without any money from the LL he bought all wood himself and my husband helped with the labor, but he left all wood in our yard stating since she did not help out money wise with the fence she could haul it away but now she is charging us for that. I felt this was an issue between them two. Hole in backyard $ 175.00 The phone company was putting in new lines and dug a hole in the yard but did not come to fill it or finish the work. I did not have service with AT&T I had Time Warner so I feel that is definantly not my responsibility. She states she called and they have no records of this. Back Yard Mowing $150 Due to the large hole and the fence it was hard to weed eat around it and due to a rainy January we did not cut the grass in the back so I feel I should be held responsible for that. Exterminator $427.09 She had an exterminator come out and perform pest control and she recieved a years service and took that out of my deposit. I can understand being charged for a month but a whole year come on? Painting $200.00 Upon move in the house was painted crazy with one blue wall and the rest white but with dirty hand prints everywhere and she gave us permission to paint it so we painted it dark brown to cover the dirt and because it matched our furniture. Which made the house look quite nice. Also we put in flooring in the kitchen at our own expense to make the house look nice which we understood this was something we would not be getting credit of we did that on our own. We just like our house to look nice and presentable for our guests. Hole behind bedroom door $30.00 There was no door stop so this caused a small hole where knob hit the wall. This I agreed to pay. Hole in Fireplace $30.00 I am not sure how that happened but agreed to pay that as well. Now from what I researched under the Texas Property code if the landlord does not either return security deposit or itemized deductions they are acting in bad faith and cannot charge for damages and must return the security deposit. I am not saying I won't pay for any fees for some of the mess because I will but I feel she is taking it to the extreme and just does not want to give it back to me. Let me also include that she picked up the keys on 1-26-11 and the next day they converted the garage into a bedroom and the trash she had hauled from the back also included the trash she had from the garage and from her move in on 1-28-11. I saw the invoice from the haul/lawn company and it was dated 2-11-11 and I have neighbors confirming this. As far as the charges she only paid for the extermination and the holes in the walls but just got bids on the others. Can she do this to me? Are these acceptable fees? Should I be charged for each one? I am just a little upset she always said how nice we made her house look and made all repairs except for a/c on our own paid on time in fact almost a week early everytime. It seems her breast implant cost her to much and now she has bids but no actual receipts to return at least my pro-rated rent or a portion of the deposit. So I am very upset and am thinking of consulting an attorney but not sure if I would even have a chance. Help! I need some advice. Should I just swallow the bitter pill and pay these crazy fees??

A. Go to a local reputable real estate office and ask them to refer you to a lawyer that can help you. Usually offices work with ones that get the job done in a way that gets people to come back as customers. Hope this helps and good luck. You can investigate these things on your own too. Like the hole in the backyard. Don't just rely on her word. IMPORTANT: DON'T PAY ANY MORE MONEY UNTIL YOU TALK TO A LAWYER THAT WILL HELP YOU.

1.20 Pest control?

Q. I am looking to get services of any pest control company in california. I am only aware of companies which take a year contract but I am looking for one time service. Is anyone aware of any company which does that? Also, if you have any experience with them, please share that as well.

A. Companies will usually not offer a warranty on their services for a one time application because they know that it is likely to take several applications to get rid of the pests. Can you blame them? I am sure that you will be able to find a company that will do a one shot deal, but expect to sign an acknowledgement that there is no warranty expressed or implied. In the end, someone will take your money and provide the service you want. The only person that you are cheating is yourself, because the pests are almost sure to return in short order. Good luck with your situation.

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